LoveGeist 2010: What Exactly Do Female Daters Seem Like This Season?

The LoveGeist Report 2010-2011 starts with an instant breakdown of the modern online dating area. What exactly do modern daters appear like? What exactly are their needs and wants? What qualities perform they look for in somebody?

Let us see.

The Female on the Species

So what does the common female dater appear to be this season? Examination 75,000 female people unveiled that she:

  • Is between 25 and three decades outdated (22% in the trial).
  • Is focused on 5’5″ tall (15%).
  • Is actually a brunette (31percent) with blue eyes (40per cent).
  • Thinks the woman vision are her most readily useful element (53percent).
  • Views her figure as average (36percent).
  • Sees herself as easygoing (32%) and sociable (14%).
  • Is smart (53percent have actually a diploma, in contrast to 13percent from the common feminine population of this UK).
  • likes travel first and foremost other activities, with motion pictures, talk, and cooking.
  • Mainly likely really works in the medical, dental care, or veterinary area (11%).

To find out what this average female user wishes from the woman male fits, match in addition to Future base examined ladies’ multiple-choice answers. It appears that the perfect guy views his frame are “average” (90percent), possesses brief (97percent), dark brown (89per cent) hair, blue eyes (84per cent), and an easygoing character (86per cent).

  • black colored tresses came in second (75%), with lightweight brown (73per cent), blond (59percent), together with salt and pepper look (38per cent). Men with cropped or shaved locks had been well-known (56percent), and bald guys discovered enthusiasts in 26percent of’s feminine populace.
  • Nearly all women resoundingly preferred an average frame, however 38% favored skinny males and 34per cent liked guys with some extra pounds.
  • Women love men with vision that are…well…eye-catching. 78percent rate all of them as a man’s many attractive feature, followed by “a nice-looking laugh” (77%), “a great bum” (35per cent), and “good arms” (27per cent). Ft scored the lowest, with just 4percent.
  • As far as individuality goes, females desire easygoing men with good senses of laughter (86%). “careful” males also scored very (75%), since performed those who are “sociable” (74%) and “reliable” (73%).
  • Within his spare-time, the ideal guy is attracted to eating out and traveling. More youthful ladies are many enthusiastic about guys which enjoy flicks and music, as the 50+ set aim for men just who reveal a desire for garden.

Girls and gentlemen, guess what happens arrives next: it’s the men’s turn to make limelight!

For additional information on this common UNITED KINGDOM dating site, you can read all of our overview.

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